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How to learn Chinese in China?

The Chinese is one of the oldest languages of the world. The sinenses characters, whose origin goes back back to five or six thousand years, constitute énico ideográfico system of writing that continues being used at present. The Chinese is the language that counts on the némero major of speaking; (more than 1,000 million) and one of the five languages of work of the UN.

From the implementation of the policy of reform and opening to the outside, the Chinese economy comes undergoing a fast growth and the national power reinforces day to day; all this increases the world-wide interest to know our country better, as it demonstrates the increase to it without precedent of the némero of foreigners who wish to learn Chinese. The 1978, little more than 30 teaching institutions superiors Chinese; that they admitted foreign students they counted on a total of 1,000 students; in 1997, the némero of centers reached more than 300, whereas the one of students coming from more than 150 countries or regions reached the 40.000.

Also, every day they are plus the foreign schools and universities that include the Chinese within their curricula. Incomplete Segén statistical, more than 1,000 secondary educations counts on a faculty of Chinese or distributes this language like subject; in some countries, the Chinese even teaches itself in the kindergartens and the primary and secondary schools; in many countries, one cheers up to the young people to choose it like first foreign language. At the same time. China, on the other hand, is increasing the shipment of Chinese professors to more than 60 countries and regions of the five continents.

It is evident that to learn Chinese the most advisable one well it is to come to study it to China.

What must make a foreigner to be able to come to study it to China? ; how is asked for a scholarship or is chosen the academic center? ; which are the basic conditions in which are the education of languages and the studies superiors in China? ; what is necessary to know on the education of the Chinese like foreign language, the university life and the examinations of Chinese? For that they wish to come to learn Chinese to China it is not of putting itself more abreast of similar problems.



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