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Access roads to study in China

The main access roads to the studies in China abiertas to the foreign students are the following: interchange between governments; interchange between academic centers; recommendation on the part of an organization; and requests of individuals.

It enters the trusting tasks by the Government the National Commission of Bottoms for Studies China appear the admission, the matriculation and the organization of the students granted a scholarship by the Chinese Government; at the same time, the Commission is in charge of the subjects related to the recommendations presented/displayed by the institutions and the requests of individuals and of the benefit of corresponding services.

Every year, in November, this Commission makes péblico the Annual Plan of Scholarships elaborated by the Ministry of Education of China and it abroad presents/displays to the foreign governments through his embassies in China and traverse of the embassies of China.

According to the stipulations of his country of origin, any student can ask for a scholarship to study in China through the corresponding departments of his country or the Embassy of China.

The National Commission maintains ample relations with the Chinese secondary educations. The students recommended by the academic institutions and the associations of friendship between countries can put themselves as much in contact with her, like the particular applicants. As much the students who come to China thanks to the interchange between universities as the particular applicants are also welcomes.

The applicants must present/display the following documents:

  - Form of request properly complimented;

  - Medical Certificate (with analysis of blood including);

  - Certificate of academic title;

  - Academic File;

The applicants of scholarships for the degrees of magíster and doctor must present/display, in addition, letters of recommendation of two professors or two people who own an equivalent degree outside mentioned documents; the particular applicants also must present/display a endorsement and a certificate of the avalador in China.

The students coming from the interchange between governments, must make arrive their requests between the 1 from January and the 30 of April; students coming from interchange between universities and applicants particular, between 15 of September and 15 of December (for the semester that begins in spring), and between the 15 of February and the 15 of May (for the semester that begins in autumn). In view of which the regulations established by different teaching institutions are different on the matter, it is due to observe the exigencies that each center in relation to the matriculation requires.



Maxima age
College student
25 years
- Of second equivalent title or secondary Granduado cycle that has passed the entrance examination
4-5 years
35 years

- Licensed with recommendation of two or more professors than it has passed the entrance examination;
- Licensed with recommendation and excellent qualifications (free of the entrance examination)

2-3 years
40 years
- Post-graduate with ercomendación of two or máa professors whom the adminsión examination has approved
3 years
Nascent student of Chinese
55 years
- Graduated as the second secondary cycle of or equivalent title
1-2 years
Student to perfect the study of Chinese
35 years
- University that has completed first courses both
1-2 years
Student of Chinese of advanced level
45 years
- Post-graduate or doctorando
Up to 1 years
55 years
- People with degree superior to the one of associate professor
Up to 1 years
Individuals of vacations
60 years
- Graduated as the secondary school or equivalent title
4-20 weeks




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