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How to ask for a scholarship of China

1. Scholarships of the Chinese Government

These scholarships within the framework settle down of treaties of bilateral interchange between governments or segén the needs raised for the educative cooperation between both parts. The interested one must first direct its request to the corresponding department of its country; next, it is included to him in this plan of interchange; by éltimo, the National Commission of Bottoms for the Foreign Students in China studies the requests and comes to the concession of two types of scholarships: complete and partial.

1) The complete scholarships include academic rates, medical, material attention didactic, lodging and a monthly allocation. The amount of the four first benefits is paid to the universities.

2) The partial scholarships only cover one or several with the benefits including in the complete scholarships.

2. Scholarships for projects

They are granted to the students, investigators and professors who wish to investigate or to study in China and that satisfies the demanded requirements.

1) Scholarships of the Great Wall. Annual scholarships granted by China to UNESCO. They can be asked for in the national delegations of this organism or in it soothes central of Paris (France), that is the one in charge to transmit the recommendations to the National Commission of Bottoms for Studies in China.

2) Scholarships for excellent students. Scholarships granted to the foreign students that, after to have finalized a cycle of studies with an excellent academic and moral file, they wish study of a higher degree. The request goes to the universities, that are the ones in charge to transmit the recommendations to the National Commission.

3) Scholarships for the HSK titleholders. Scholarships granted to the students who have surpassed in the outside the HSK with excellent qualifications. Once in possession of the Certificate of Qualification of HSK, they can ask for them in the embassies and Chinese consulates or, directly, to the National Commission.

4) Scholarships for the study of the Chinese culture. Granted scholarships mainly to foreign sinólogos. The National Commission or the embassies and Chinese consulates can be asked for directly to, the Chinese universities and the pertinent professors, who are in charge to present/display recommendations to the National Commission; also the interested ones can directly direct their request to the National Commission.

5) Scholarships for professors of Chinese foreigners by short term of overcoming. They are granted to the professors of Chinese nonnative. The embassies and Chinese consulates can ask for themselves to the National Commission through.

The concrete details and the forms of request can be consulted and be obtained in the Chinese embassies.



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