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Directions to choose an advisable teaching institution

At present, 79 Chinese secondary educations admit to foreign students granted a scholarship by the Chinese Government. These centers are characterized by the high level of the teaching staff and the scientific research, the effectiveness of administrative system and the excellent atmosphere of life and study. In them races of letters and humanities, sciences, engineering, agronomy, medicine, economy, right, education, administration, etc. can be attended.

The University of Peking, founded on 1898, is the more well-known Chinese university in the world and was first that admitted foreign students. Throughout his expanded history it has maintained relations of interchange and cooperation with 136 universities of more than 40 countries. To the 1,026 students of diverse foreign countries that take part in the courses of events it is necessary to add more than 1,000 than every year they attend diverse short courses. Its Training center of Chinese as Foreign Language has become an independent faculty with its own post-graduates. Besides the students of regular courses university, post-graduate and doctorandos, it also welcomes in employees of banking organizations and foreign Chambers of Commerce, as well as in the participants in diverse short courses.

The University of Language and Culture of Peking was founded on 1962; University dedicated fundamentally to the education of the Chinese language and the culture to the foreign students is énica; of there its rich pedagogical and administrative experience, experience in center turns that it national of the formation of professors of Chinese and of the investigation of the education of the Chinese like foreign language. Their six institutes (among them, the one of the Chinese language, the one of education accelerated of the Chinese, the one of improvement of the teaching staff and the one of Chinese culture) totally satisfy the needs with the students of the different levels. Until now, this university has formed to almost 50,000 students of more than 150 countries, many of which are now famous politicians, diplomats and translators.

The University Fudan de Shanghai, created in 1905, is one of oldest of the country. At present, humanities, natural, technical sciences, sociology, etc. Besides counting on one long history distribute themselves in this multidisciplinary university, the Fudan University has numerous pedagogical resources, outposts educational facilities and great facilities to the daily life, which wins the praises to him of students coming from the five continents.

When a foreign student granted a scholarship by the Chinese Government wishes to choose a university, Guía de Academic Centros for Foreign Students published in 1997 by the National Commission can consult.

Taking care of their possibilities and demands, the particular students can choose one of more than 300 Chinese secondary educations that foreign students admit; among them are the 79 universities that accept to foreign students granted a scholarship by the Chinese Government. The names and directions of all these centers detail in Guía de Academic Centros Superiors that Foreign Students Admit. The particular students can direct their requests to the selected center or the National Commission.

It is necessary to emphasize the height that during the éltimos years the organization of short courses has undergone. Universities and schools are distributed in, and in them they can take part secondary, university, member students of the associations of friendship between countries and employees of all type of companies. These short courses, among 4 and 20 weeks of duration, are divided in three levels: basic, average and superior. At the outset short courses of Chinese were only distributed during the vacations of summer; but in view of the increasing demand, the short courses have been diversified (Literature, handwriting, traditional medicine, art, economy etc.) and at the moment they are distributed throughout all the year. The particular groups of students and students who wish to take part in them can ask for an explanatory pamphlet to the secretary of the centers or contact with them to solve any doubt. The applicants must properly compliment the forms distributed by these centers. Once admitted after the opportune verification, the students must register in the embassy or Chinese consulate and appear in date indicated in these centers to register themselves.


Academic rates (races of humanities)
University courses
1.700-3.200 $ E.U.A to the years scholastic
Courses of Chinese basic
Courses of Chinese interval
2.200-4.200 $ E.U.A to the years scholastic
Courses of Chinese advanced
Courses of doctorate
2.700-4.200 $ E.U.A to the years scholastic
Short courses 350-600 $ to the month
50-100 $ E.U.A.
Didactic material
30-50 $ E.U.A.
2-3 $ E.U.A to the day
Dining room for foreigners: 40-60 $ E.U.A to the month
Dining room for Chinese: 20-30 $ E.U.A to the month

* In double room with service and communitarian bathroom. Also it is possible to lodge in standard room whose price varies segén the quality.

N.B. These conditions vary from a center to another one. In order to know the amounts exact, it consults the general dispositions of the chosen center.



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