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The Examination of Level of Chinese (HSK)

The Examination of Level of Chinese (HSK), abierto to the foreigners, Chinese overseas and the members of the ethnic minorities of China, is an examination standardized of national level, programmed to determine the level of Chinese like nonmaternal language. Its appearance is faithful exponent of the maturity reached about the education of the Chinese like second language. The programming, the planning and the organization of the HSK are the responsibility of the Center of Examinations of Chinese Level of of the University of Language and Culture of Peking. The HSK includes the following levels: initial and average basic level (HSKb), levels (HSKi and HSKm, respectively), and level superior (HSKs). The National Committee of Examinations of Level of Chinese is the organism in charge to confer certificates corresponding to the obtained qualifications.

From of 1990, year in which obtained the approval of the specialists and it occurred to know inside and outside China, the HSK has had a great repercussion. The increase of its scientific reliability, its importance and its prestige has been translated in a constant increase of the examinees. Until November of 1997 they have appeared to the HSK more than 100,000 students of Chinese of 116 countries.

1. Who can appear to the HSK?

The HSKb (basic level) is directed to the students of Chinese who have attended classes during a total among 100 and 800 hours; the HSKi and the HSKm (levels initial and average, respectively), to the students who have attended class by a total among 400 and 2,000 hours; the HSKs (level superior), is directed to the students who have attended a minimum of 3,000 hours of class.

2. Why they serve certificates?

1) They credit the level of Chinese demanded to enter the university faculties with the purpose of to attend certain races and to register in the entrance examinations to the postgraduate courses.

2) They credit the demanded level of Chinese for the confirmation of the corresponding subjects.

3) They are recognized by the institutions, organisms and companies that demand the dominion of the Chinese like condition to contract their employees.

3. When and where is summoned the HSK?

It is summoned annually inside and outside China in the determined dates. In China, the HSK is realized in the academic centers throughout the year: the examinations of the basic level summon in January and May; those of the levels initial and average, in January, May and July; the examination of the level superior is only summoned in May. At the moment, the HSK is realized in 32 centers of 22 cities, between which are Peking, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Wuhan, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Xi'an. Abroad, the HSK is summoned

once or twice to the year by universities and academic organizations ordered by China. At present, it can be realized in 29 centers of 16 countries, among them Japan, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Repéblica of Korea, Germany, France, Great Britain, etc.



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