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Organisms of interest of China

National center for the Diffusion of the Education of the Chinese to the Foreigners

This organism with the other name of National Office of the Direction In charge of the Education of the Chinese of the Foreigners, takes care of the subjects daily of the National Office. Between its main functions they appear the following: the exposition of suggestions for the elaboration of the policies and the national plans related to the education of the Chinese; the direction of the tie works to the education of the Chinese to the foreigners; the putting in practice of the development plans of the education race; the organization of the collaborations and the interchanges with the foreigner in the scope of the education of the Chinese.

Address: C Xueyuanlu Not 15, District of Haidian, Peking
Tel: (8610) 62329578
Fax: (8610) 62311093
C.R: 100083


World-wide institute for the Education of the Chinese

The objectives of this international institute, founded on August of 1987, are to foment the interchange and the cooperation, anywhere in the world to drive the advance of the Didactics and the study of the Chinese, and to favor the contact between the professionals of this sector. Those investigators, professors and groups can ask for the enter the Institute all who, whichever it is their place of origin, accept their statutes and work with entusiamo in favor of the education and the study of the Chinese. In his beginnings he counted on approximately 270 members of 16 countries and regions; at the end of 1997, the némero of its members coming from 40 countries and regions have arrived at 894 people.

From its foundation, the Institute has actively participated in méltiples and diverse activities and academic meetings, between which they emphasize the encounter celebrated in EE. UU., Germany, France, Japan and Singapur.Asimismo, have organized to their members coming from diverse parts of the world for the accomplishment of visits and academic interchanges in China, initiative that has decisively driven the contacts and the collaboration between the training centers of the Chinese distributed by everybody.


Chinese institute of Education of the Chinese to the Foreigners

It is international an academic organism whose objective is to group to the professionals of the education of the Chinese of all the country, to drive the study of this discipline and to foment the international interchanges. The attainment of this objective is based mainly on the celebration of seminaries of national and regional scope dedicated to specific subjects, the writing and publication of books and magazines, the interchange of the profits of investigation and the experiences and information regarding education. This Institute at the same time maintains fruitful contacts and relations of cooperation with centers of Japan, EE.UU., Singapore, Germany and other many countries, which contributes to foment and to develop education to the foreigners.


National committee of Examinations of Level of Chinese

This organism, created by the Ministry of Education of China, is in charge to coordinate the accomplishment of examinations HSK and to issue aptitude certificates. The subordinate Office to the National Committee of Examinations of Level of Chinese takes care of daily the subjects corresponding and along with the Center of Examinations of the University of Language and Culture of Peking it has entrusted the accomplishment of administrative tasks and the attention to all those questions related to examinations HSK.



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